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Monday, February 7, 2011


Below are the latest update of Miss USA 2011 Contestants. The Finale will be held in Las Vegas on June 19, 2011. Information on contestants will be: the state, name of the contestatant, hometown, age, height and some note about the contestant (if available). Click on the link on each contestant to see the State Pageant result and updated photos of the contestants. We welcome feedback from the contestants themselves, family’s members and friends to correct and complete the infomation.
>> Miss USA 2011 Pageant
Alabama: Madeline Mitchell, Russellville, 22, 5’8″
Alaska: Jessica Chuckran, Anchorage, 23, Contestant at National Sweetheart 2008
Arizona: Brittany Brannon, Paradise Valley, 21, 5’5, “Previously Miss Teen America 2007.
Arkansas: Lakynn McBride, Little Rock.
California: Alyssa Campanella, Hillsborough, 20, 5’8″, Previously Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2007 and 1st runner up at Miss Teen USA 2007.
Colorado: Blair Griffith, Lakewood, 22, 5’5″, Previously Miss Colorado Teen USA 2006.
Connecticut: Regina Turner, Old Saybrook, 21.
Delaware: Katie Hanson, Newark, 20.
District of Columbia: Heather Swann, Washington, 22.
Florida: Lissette Garcia, Miami, 25, 5’11″. Represented Cuba in Reina Hispanoamericana 2007 and made Top 8.
Georgia: Kaylin Reque Suwanee, 22.
Hawaii: Angela Byrd, Honolulu, 23, 5’10″.
Idaho: Erza Haliti Boise, 24, Born in Kosovo.
Illinois: Angela Sparrow, Chicago, 25, 5’8″.
Indiana: Jillian Wunderlich Kokomo, 19, 5’6″, Previously Miss Florida Teen USA 2008 and top 15 at Miss Teen USA 2008.
Iowa: Rebecca Goldsmith, Chariton, 26, 5’8″.
Kansas: Jaymie Stokes, Lenexa, 19, 5’11″, Previously Miss Kansas Teen USA 2007 and top 10 at Miss Teen USA 2007.
Kentucky: Kia Hampton, Louisville, 21, 5’5″.
Louisiana: Page Pennock, Baton Rouge, 20, 5’10″.
Maine: Ashley Lynn Marble, Topsfield, 26, 5’10″, Previously Miss Maine Teen USA 2000, originally the first runner up but took over after Emily Johnson resgined due to a family emergency.
Maryland: Allyn Rose, Waldorf, 22, 5’9″.
Massachusetts: Alida D’Angona, Bolton, 23, 5’8″.
Michigan: Channing Pierce, Royal Oak, 23, 5’9″.
Minnesota: Brittany Thelemann, Minnetonka.
Mississippi: Keeley Patterson, Starkville, 19.
Missouri: Hope Driskill, Jefferson City, 21, 5’9″.
Montana: Brittany Wiser, Bozeman, 22, previously Miss Montana 2009.
Nebraska: Haley Herold, Omaha, 23.
Nevada: Sarah Chapman, Las Vegas, 26, 5’10″, top 15 at Miss California USA 2010, Miss California USA 2009 4th runner up, top 10 at Miss California USA 2008 and 2007, and sister of Miss California USA 2004 Ellen Chapman.
New Hampshire: LacyJane Folger, Hampton Beach, 21.
New Jersey: Julianna White, Haddonfield, 21, 5’7″, previously Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2006 and top 10 at Miss Teen USA 2006.
New Mexico: Brittany Toll, Las Cruces, 24, 5’9″, Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2005 and top 10 at Miss Teen USA 2005 and a 2009 Teach For America corps member.
New York: Amber Collins, New York City, 26.
North Carolina: Brittany York, Wilmington, 20.
North Dakota: Brandi Schoenberg, Mohall, 20.
Ohio: Ashley Caldwell, Gallipolis, 23.
Oklahoma: Kaitlyn Smith, Norman, 22.
Oregon: Anna Prosser, Portland, 25, contestant at National Sweetheart 2008.
Pennsylvania: Amber Watkins, Philadelphia, 26, 5′ 7″.
Rhode Island: Kate McCaughey, Lincoln, 22.
South Carolina: Courtney Turner, North Augusta, 20, previously Miss Teen United States 2009.
South Dakota: Chandra Burnham, Highmore, 22.
Tennessee: Ashley Durham, Adamsville, 20, 5’9″, previously Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2006.
Texas: Ana Rodriguez, Laredo, 24, 5’8″.
Utah: Jamie Crandall, Salt Lake City, 24, 5’8″.
Vermont: Lauren Carter, Burlington, 21, 5’8″.
Virginia: Nikki Poteet, Chester, 23, 5’10″.
Washington: Angelina Kayyalaynen, Vancouver, 21, born in Ukraine.
West Virginia: Whitney Veach, Petersburg, 23, 5’5″, previously Miss West Virginia Teen USA 2003.
Wisconsin: Shaletta Porterfield, Madison, 25, 5’10″.
Wyoming: Kaitlyn Davis, Laramie, 5’9″.
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