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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Supermodel Netherlands Mirte Maas

Mirte Maas, supermodel from the Netherlands said she love the dress girl show off the beauty of the bright summer sun.
Mirte born in 1992, growing from the land of Breda in the Netherlands. Property height 1.79 m, measured 81-61-89, this young girl who always made to face images associated with a blond doll, blue eyes full of modernity.
- You come to a model like?
- I have had three years of modeling in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, I was in high school so time is very limited. Then I was introduced to its Women and Management in August of 2009, I officially join the New York Fashion Week. My first show was Alexander Wang, everything is wonderful.

- What makes you enjoy doing this job?
- Very interesting. Previously the plan, you will see next week I'll do anything. Now, I do not really know what his next, who you'll meet. When unforeseen things are very attractive.

- This is a job you like best?
- It's a difficult question. Right now I can only say that there are so many interesting things waiting for me. I often meet several Dutch samples, gather, gossip and laugh all day.
- Work where you most enjoy making?
- Anything in the tropical island. I like the sun. There's nothing more comfortable to express themselves with talented photographers.

- You like to dress like?
- I like to wear leggings in winter and feminine dress in the summer. My style has changed a lot since being exposed to the creative profession, but the important thing is to be comfortable.

- It is important for a model?
- Need confidence and optimism. It will help to bring happiness and inspiration in all circumstances.
- What is your goal?
- Find out what you really enjoy. Right now I like to model. But maybe someday I will continue to attend school.
- And your dream?
- As is healthy forever.
Mirte beam images on the publication of Elle:

Model,Supermodel ,Netherlands,Mirte Maas

Model,Supermodel ,Netherlands,Mirte Maas

Model,Supermodel ,Netherlands,Mirte Maas

Model,Supermodel ,Netherlands,Mirte Maas

Model,Supermodel ,Netherlands,Mirte Maas

Model,Supermodel ,Netherlands,Mirte Maas

Model,Supermodel ,Netherlands,Mirte Maas
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