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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

American actress Rachael Leigh Cook-Profile and Biography

Rachael Leigh Cook Profile:

Rachael Leigh Cook with other name is Rachael Gillies Cook best known also with her real name namely Rachael Leigh Cook with nickname Cook, Leigh, Rachael, Rachael Cook was born October 4, 1979 (astrological sign/star sign (zodiac): Libra) at her hometown in City of Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN), United State of America (USA). Rachael Leigh Cook is a beautiful American (film, movie, television, video game) actress, female model (top and popular model, cosmetic model, commercial model or advertisement model, video game model, professional model, beauty model, international model, bikini (beachwear) model, swimsuit (swimwear) model, fashion model, star model, magazine cover model, cover girl model, supermodel), Hollywood star (superstar), and brunette women celebrity. She has a hair color: wonderful dark brown (brunette), eyes color: awesome hazel, height: 5′ 2″ (157 cm), measurements: 34-26-34, assets: perfect pretty beauty, beautiful face, wonderful dark brown (brunette) hair, awesome hazel eyes, charming sweet smile, great talent, nice skill, and her name popular and famous for her role in the romantic comedy “She’s All That” (1999) and her “This is Your Brain on Drugs” a public service announcement (PSA) or public service ad, claim to fame: “She’s All That”, hobbies: sport of jogging, heath care, beauty care, hair care, plays video games, sculpting, all things related to art, watching movie/film in home theatre and cinema, listening music, movie/film acting, photography acting, pose in front of the camera, and active in the world of international entertainment and modeling.

Rachael Leigh Cook Biography:
In early life, Rachael Leigh Cook was born October 4, 1979 at her hometown in City of Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN), United State of America (USA). Rachael Leigh Cook is the daughter of JoAnn, a cooking instructor and weaver, and Thomas H. Cook, a social worker and former stand-up comic. Rachael Leigh Cook attended school at Clara Barton Open, Laurel Springs School and Minneapolis South High School. Rachael Leigh Cook began working as a print model at the age of 10, most notably in nationwide advertisements for Target and appearing on the boxes of Milk-Bone dog biscuits.

In her personal life, Rachael Leigh Cook on 2004 was married Daniel Gillies (a handsome Canadian-born New Zealand actor). Rachael Leigh Cook, a vegetarian, and Rachael Leigh Cook lives mostly in Los Angeles (LA), California (CA), United State of America (USA) with her three dogs, but frequently goes back to visit her family in City of Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN), United State of America (USA). Rachael Leigh Cook stated she is strongly considering adopting a child from a third world country.

In her career, Rachael Leigh Cook at the age of 14 was began auditioning for acting work. Rachael Leigh Cook’s modeling agency sent her to read for a short film, 26 Summer Street (1996). Rachael Leigh Cook first gained national attention on 1998, when Rachael Leigh Cook was featured in the “This is Your Brain on Drugs” a public service announcement (PSA) or public service ad, in which Rachael Leigh Cook proceeds to destroy a kitchen with a frying pan. Rachael Leigh Cook made her debut as an actress in the 1995 film “The Baby-Sitters Club”, which was based on Ann M. Martin’s book series of the same name. Rachael Leigh Cook’s second movie role was in Tom and Huck, where Rachael Leigh Cook portrayed Rebecca “Becky” Thatcher. Rachael Leigh Cook on 1997 appeared in a leading role in the film “Country Justice”.

Rachael Leigh Cook’s two highest-profile lead roles to date have been in the films “She’s All That” (1999) and “Josie and the Pussycats” (2001). Rachael Leigh Cook has also appeared in a number of independent films and on the 2005 television miniseries “Into the West”. Rachael Leigh Cook on 2000 was the cover model for the premier issue of FHM magazine United State of America (USA) on March/April issue. Rachael Leigh Cook also provided the voice for Chelsea Cunningham on the Kids’ WB animated series “Batman Beyond” in the episode “Last Resort” and in the animated film “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker”. Rachael Leigh Cook on 2002 was ranked #26 in Stuff magazine’s “102 Sexiest Women in the World”.

Rachael Leigh Cook has provided the voice of Tifa Lockhart in the video games “Kingdom Hearts II”, “Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII” and “Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy”, as well as the CG movie “Final Fantasy VII Advent Children”. Rachael Leigh Cook also starred in the video for New Found Glory’s 2000 single “Dressed to Kill”. Rachael Leigh Cook’s latest voice-over role is for the video game “Yakuza” where she voices the role of Reina. Rachael Leigh Cook has also appeared in Daniel Powter’s “Love You Lately”. Rachael Leigh Cook owns her own production company, Ben’s Sister Productions (in reference to her younger brother, an aspiring filmmaker). Rachael Leigh Cook eventually stepped away from the spotlight to focus on spending time with friends and family. Rachael Leigh Cook later returned to mainstream films when Rachael Leigh Cook signed on to a new casting agency. Rachael Leigh Cook was later cast in a role in the big screen adaptation of “Nancy Drew” (2007), the female lead in the independent sports drama “The Final Season” (2007), and playing a small supporting lead in “Blonde Ambition” (2007).

Rachael Leigh Cook has appeared in numerous episodes of the Seth Green-created comedies, “Titan Maximum” and “Robot Chicken”. Although “Robot Chicken” featured an episode that parodied “Final Fantasy VII” which involved Tifa Lockhart (a character Rachael Leigh Cook voiced in “Advent Children”), in this parody there were no voices, but simply text like in the original game. Rachael Leigh Cook has, however, parodied the “This Is Your Brain on Drugs” (a public service announcement (PSA) or public service ad) role Rachael Leigh Cook made famous, by destroying her kitchen with her frying pan.

Rachael Leigh Cook on 2008 guest-starred in an episode of the United State of America (USA) Network series “Psych” as Abigail Lytar, an old flame of Shawn Spencer. Rachael Leigh Cook on February 2010 signed on as the female lead in Fox TV’s comedy pilot Nirvana. Rachael Leigh Cook will star in the Western horror film “Vampire”, which is the English-language feature debut of Japanese director Iwai Shunji. Rachael Leigh Cook is set to reprise her voice role for Tifa Lockhart in the upcoming Final Fantasy​ game “Dissidia 012″.
Rachael Leigh Cook,Actress, American actress,

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