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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Australia's Next Top Model Tahnee Atkinson

Face impressed with the curve is attracted reason Tahnee Atkinson beautiful blue eyes attract attention and become the winner of Australia's Next Top Model 5.
If long-legged runners Cassi Van Den Dungen brings a modern beauty and character, the rebellious 17-year-old girl from Western Australia Tahnee always scored thanks to the beauty of holiness of the soul.

Property 175cm tall, with measurements 89-64-91 Tahnne is a weak point in his supermodel era of wireless. However, she has beautiful blue eyes always know how to shape before the next frame to take pictures very soft, flexible shift from face to body. Although always try my best in every contest, but won the highest throne, Tahnee was not from a sudden, she said: "I think people will be named Cassi, but when listening Tahnee, I surprise to the extent not believe his ears. "

Tahnee and Cassi, the top two contest Australia's Next Top Model 5
The victory brought great opportunities for Tahnee contracts worth millions of dollars, with 17-year-old girl at the time, it was a precious gift. Talking about his future, Tahnee revealed: "I wish to become a famous model. After this, when not modeling, I would love to find a job as fashion design or photography. I would never stop, because I always idol models still work as well past 40 years. "

The following is an interview with a magazine of Tahnee leading beauty after winning the race for the Australian model:
- You can imagine her life as like to have a new page?
- Well, can not, before I was just a normal girl in high school. But now I was still normal, but my life has changed.
- Do you face the public's attention like?
- I am still afraid. Sometimes I see people pointing and talking about me, and I just thought, okay, I'm Tahnee simple.
- The curve of you get so many compliments, but you think?
- Many people praise me, but I know it's a challenge to step into the fashion industry. I looked at the girls understand that their own wires and need to lose weight. However, I will choose a healthy diet and gym exercises.
- Ideal body in your opinion?
- I do not want to put pressure on yourself. I will always be a healthy Tahnee with curves.
- What would you do if you do not become a model?
- I do not know, because I always wanted to contribute to the fashion industry. Without a model, maybe I will become a hairstylist or makeup.
- Who is your idol?
- I met Elle Macpherson participate during Next Top Model and it has great influence on me.
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