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Friday, April 29, 2011

Britney Spears show long slender legs

Britney Spears, Singer

Britney Spears, Singer

Britney Spears, Singer
Britney Spears, Singer
Britney Spears showing long slender legs
No cover images of tangled hair or fattened and sleazy, the pop princess more beautiful, more sexy.
Although very busy with the hectic schedule and the care for these young son, Britney Spears still wants to be released album is a perfect product, marking the return to the top of her. So, Britney has invested heavily both in terms of image and music in this album.
Pop princess also fortunate to receive encouragement, enthusiastic support of the fans as well as famous ones are Rihanna, Taylor Lautner ...  Rihanna said: "I believe Britney has really come back to his best. S & M is the song brought a high tone, she sang very well. I see her great voice. "
Meanwhile, Taylor Lautner, the werewolves seem to regret: "I heard some new songs but have not heard the whole album. The videos I have not been many. But I will definitely see a time when" .
Taylor also said that if forced to sing, he will select all Oops! ... I dit it again the idol.
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