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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gisele Bundchen on Vogue Paris April

Gisele Bundchen along 'the street'
Although 'travel dust' or the majestic appearance of the supercar, long-legged Brazil stands out because the beauty and the extreme measure of the standard.
The latest pictures of Gisele on Vogue Paris April numbers will certainly make fans surprised by definition dusty, wild she's very sexy. Let loose natural hair, the costumes are very unique design as the standard curves and respect no longer governed by the Brazilian leg this.
Pictures taken by photographers Inez & Vindooh St Barts in the full sun and warm winds. However, the location selected for shooting stop is not the place of the familiar stars that are not pristine waters are mined in the island of St. Barts.
Gisele Bundchen recently shared the sport of my favorite: "Of course the next four years, I only like football only. This must thank my husband very much. Formerly I like volleyball because I love to play volleyball. " German lang Gisele is currently the military's defense of the football team New England Patriots - Tom Brady.
When asked about music, Gisele said she enjoyed the tunes of Jack Johnson: "All his songs have made my lethargy. He is the best songwriter of his generation. I like the song has brought sweet messages and meanings. I think Jack is the man that he conveyed the message through every song. "

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