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Monday, April 11, 2011

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem

Tunisian girl who is the new face of fashion with an impressive 1.80 meters tall, slim beauty charming.

If in 2010, the name just some of Hanaa 0 then next year, long legs, dark hair almost dominated the catwalk fame. From Vivienne Westwood, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, Anna Sui to Oscar de la Renta, the girl with big eyes and short hair has become an impressive chip key shows.
- Where are you now?

- I live in Paris, where my friend is Khelfa Farida, a woman who was instrumental in helping the international model developed here.
- You discovered how?

- From 5 years old, I was learning to walk like a model home. Later, while attending high school, a passion that still burns within me. I decided to send his application to contest and win Project Runway 2. A year later, I met Sophie Galal, the Arabs. She shares my views and hopefully change the perception of a model in the Arab world. Sophie then becomes the manager and introduced me to the IMG.
- Your childhood experience so loud?

- In Tunisia, families often gather together to live. I grew up with grandparents, her uncle and other relatives. It was a big family, and I am extremely happy. When my older brother to study an acting class, all the kids we play with his collection at home. And also my brother has a big motivation for me to realize the dream model. He took me to the audition, and he looked distinguished, I have learned many ways to express feelings through his photograph mhung later.

- If a day of rest, what would you do?

- I'd go out to enjoy. Usually at home, I usually take the time to update the latest information in the world.
- If you could change anything in the fashion industry, that would be what?

- I will make it more diverse.
- You can talk about his style?

- Very simple and demonstrate the character itself.
- And the secret of beauty?

- I like natural beauty, regularly wash your face morning and evening daily. It is extremely important and you must drink water regularly. Also, I always stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.
- These items are indispensable in your pocket ...?

- Mobile phone, pens, wallet, magazines, room key, hand cream and lip balm.
- Your iPod will have any songs?

- All the latest hits. I am very excited at the new music products and download them as soon as they are released.
- Your diet like?

- I'm not dieting. I eat healthy and balanced. When you have time, I went to gym, and walking regularly.
- Symbol of your favorite fashion?
- Coco Chanel.
- You can say anything about modeling?

- I want to share with everyone in my country, when there are so many people do not know about fashion, and there are misconceptions about the model. Few think that is also a professional model. I had planned to change these notions in their homeland.
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