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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kelly Brook -Gina shoes Fashion

Gina advertising images newly launched shoe is evidence that pregnant women are still very expensive sexy show ads.

Kelly Brook on the streets of confidence despite the vote on a bigger belly.

Recently, super-form is known as "The Little Mermaid Britain" sub-blog on Twitter shared that she and her boyfriend is waiting her first child. This information makes fans very surprised by the new Thom Kelly and dating for about 3 months.
She wrote cheerfully: "Thom and I are very happy to inform everyone that we are going to have a daughter. Both of us are delighted and extremely surprised."
A source close to Kelly said that as soon as the full 3 months, Kelly has a boyfriend invites an ultrasound to find the baby's gender. She not only glad that both mother and baby are healthy but also happy to know I was going to be a princess. Her mother is her super round Sandra said the family were "incredibly happy to." Ms Kelly also revealed that the pregnancy story to share with the family since Christmas: "We know this for ages. Kelly on telephone from the United States to inform the house just before Christmas. I to her incredibly happy. Both our families are thrilled to wait on it broke chum. "

Dating is not clear how long but they are a perfect couple!

"Thom is a great man. We're very happy and I'm glad because her daughter had found the man for his own," she adds Sandra.
Thom and Kelly Brook first met in late birthday party held at her in Mahiki Dorchester hotel in November last year. Not long after, they began dating.

Although Kelly was pregnant, but still very expensive show ads. Not long after the Reebok ad campaign was announced, Kelly Brook continues to appear in the image introduced its new shoe Gina.

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