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Thursday, July 21, 2011

[Profiles] American actress Adrienne Janic biography

Adrienne Janic ,American actress, Actress, Mexican descent
Adrienne Janic (Serbian Cyrillic: Адриана Јанић), (born July 25, 1974), sometimes credited simply as AJ, is an American actress and television host of Serbian and Mexican descent
Before joining OVERHAULIN' on TLC as a Co-Host, Adrienne hosted several shows on E! Entertainment and landed the role as host of a pilot called The Music Café. She also works as a spokesperson for the Coca-Cola company representing Fanta soda.

Adrienne Janic ,"AJ" , was born and raised in Whittier, CA to ethnically diverse parents. Her mother is from Mexico and her father is from Yugoslavia. That made for some fantastic family dinners ! She was a natural entertainer–acting and dancing on stage from the age of six–and her passion for performing continued throughout junior high and high school.

After graduating, A.J attended Rio Hondo Community College in Whittier, CA, obtaining her degree in communications and theater. During that time A.J. competed in the Ford Supermodel of the World Contest. When she made it to the local division semi-finals she was immediately signed to the FORD modeling agency in Los Angeles. In between semesters she traveled all over Europe, Japan, and South Africa, modeling and doing TV commercials. She has been to Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Japan, and her absolute favorite country, South Africa, where she had a once in a lifetime experience - cage diving with Great White Sharks. A.J. has been featured in and graced the covers of numerous magazines, including “Natural Health,” “Item,” “Beverly Hills Magazine,” “Shape,” “Maxim” and “Cosmopolitan.” Her print campaigns include “Fanta,” “Lee Jeans,” “Bausch and Lomb,” “Hewlitt Packard” and “Parallel Clothing.”

Although A.J. enjoyed traveling and working around the world she decided to come back to L.A to pursue her real love–acting. That decision resulted in television credits that include roles on HOUSE, KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL, COMPLETE SAVAGES, OLIVER BEENE, THE JAIME KENNEDY EXPERIMENT, and ANGEL. She has also worked in feature films with supporting roles in NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CATTLE CALL, psychological thriller MARROW, and the sci-fi thriller CHOKER.

Before joining OVERHAULIN' full time, A.J. was a recurring figure on the show. She pranked unsuspecting victims portraying different characters. As she put it, “It's so much fun playing different characters and improvising for the hidden camera. You can only rehearse so much because you never know how the “mark” is going to react, AND you only have one shot!”

Apparently the network had just as much fun watching A.J., so they asked her to join the (previously) all-male cast as the new Co-Host. Before accepting the offer, Adrienne told the network executive, “Before I answer yes, I want you to know that I know absolutely nothing about cars. He told me not to worry, ‘that is exactly what we want, for you to ask all the questions that people would normally be asking at home.' So, I said, yes.”

A.J currently lives in Los Angeles and is thrilled to be part of the Overhaulin' team.
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