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Saturday, July 23, 2011

[TV Show] Pretty Little Liars - ABC Family- Hanna Marin

TV Show Pretty Little Liars                                                      HANNA
TV Show Pretty Little LiarsHanna used to be chubby. Hanna used to feel like a hanger-on, someone who wasn't exactly welcome among the popular girls. Hanna also felt used up by her parents divorce, and used by her friends.

But that was before a killer make-over helped propel Hannakins and her BFF, Mona Vanderwall, to their rightful place as Rosewood Day's reigning queen bees. With her own Amex, long brown hair, flawless skin and a to-die-for body, Hanna seems to have it all. But look closely and you'll see the truth: What Hanna really has are a lot of secrets, and everything to lose.

Distinctive feature: Size two—with size twelve insecurities

Known for: Shoplifting, impeccable style, and rising from obscurity to popularity

Favorite things: Her dog Dot, shopping for couture (at a five-finger discount), and being adored

TV Show Pretty Little LiarsBiggest regret: Her fat, dorky past

Worst offense: Stealing a Tiffany toggle bracelet from the King James Mall,
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