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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[Photos] Singer Aubrey O'Day on Maxim Magazine

Aubrey O'Day Talks "Automatic", Danity Kane, and More
Aubrey O'Day, who endured a very public split with girl group Danity Kane, is not shy about sharing her struggles with the world. She is not apprehensive about laying her cards face up on the table, letting her fans and adoring public in on some aspects of her private world. It's a risky way to be, but for O'Day, the dividends are beneficial and worth it, as being open and honest connects her even more deeply to her fans. Her infectious, electro-pop new single, "Automatic," is out now and it's the dance anthem of the summer; you will not be able to escape the song's gravitational pull as it will magnetically attract you to the dance floor! It's that good. News Editor Amy Sciarretto spoke to O'Day just as the single landed and she was candid about her feelings for her former Danity Kane bandmates; working as a solo artist; putting her struggles in the spotlight; and her ability to make high end clothes for her dogs. Aubrey O'Day is a powerhouse who may be so hot that she sets off smoke alarms and her new single may cause you to put down your drink and saunter on the dance floor of whatever club you are gracing with your presence, but underneath it all, she's as real and as down-to-earth as you are. She has fears, she rises when she falls and she knows what she wants. This is, after all, a girl who was handpicked by P. Diddy as part of MTV's Making the Band and who followed up her exit from Danity Kane on Broadway in Hairspray. There's something special about Aubrey O'Day -- her personality is as infectious as her new single!

You can check O'Day out on her highly rated Oxygen network show, All About Aubrey.

"Automatic" sounds like it could be the party anthem of summer 2011!

I like to make music that people can dance to and "Automatic" is a strong choice. Lyrically, it's about not having to get done up or put on certain shoe or a particular dress to look sexy. It's about being able to walk into a room and steal attention.

Can you advise all the regular girls out there on how to do that?

Through inner confidence and believing that you are beautiful and deserve the best, no matter how you look physically on the outside. Make sure you believe on the inside. That's the only way to be noticed.

Confidence is so hard to develop, based on so many outside, societal factors!

It is. For me, what helped me, was falling down. You make a mistake and you fall down. You learn and you are able to get back up that much stronger through struggle. That's the only way to build a strong foundation of confidence. I actually say that you should enjoy the struggle, since you'll be in a better place soon! You have your bad days but you will feel better.

Is all the drama surrounding your split Danity Kane in the rear view for you?

I don't think I will ever be completely over it. It ended in a dramatic way and so much was left unsaid and undone, and until it is said and done, it will always be something lingering. I hope one day to be able to get everyone on the same page and bring back the amazing talent we were as a group. Everyone is on different pages and I am trying to push myself as a solo artist and put my struggle, life and experience out there for the world to embrace.

You seem so open to putting your struggles out there and placing your cards face up on the table. That connects you more to the fans.

Absolutely. I know that it is a celebrity's job to live the glamorous life, and tell the glam side more than anything, but for me, I am the rebel in that sense. I don't want to tell people it is beautiful and glamorous in every moment. In all reality, it is struggle and a beat down every day. There are so many factors you can't control, so many lessons to learn. I am still standing, so that must mean something.

Why is "Automatic" such a special song for you?

"Automatic" is the first song I ever recorded, in terms of my first time back in the studio. It was the first time I was depending on myself to fill a track, and myself only. I am used to having four other girls with different sounds and textures in the studio. I had to overcome my internal fear of failure, from how the last situation left me and how it made me feel. I overcame a lot in the studio that day, not just being able to record but to overcome the past and my fears of not being good enough. You see me record "Automatic" on my show; the whole world saw me do it. I love the record. It makes me dance. The hook stays in my head. I am an urban pop artist most associated with urban over pop, but my album teeters back forth and this was the most dance record I had recorded.

Who is your favorite girl group of all time?

I like En Vogue.

Do you have any non-music hobbies or talents?

I am definitely a creative person, being in a sorority for four years, I learned to make a lot on a little budget, so I make my dogs' clothes. All of their clothes from their tutus to t-shirts. I go to vintage stores and cut up adult tees and sew them into dog tees and make my own patterns and sew my own skirts. I make their clothes, backpacks and everything from their leashes to socks to hair bows! If I am struggling or going through a scary moment, I take to making my dogs clothes or accessories. It is a way to focus energy and talent. I am really good. I am the Versace of dog clothes. My dogs are dressed to the nines and their tees and skirts are well made. They are cuter than anything you can find in stores.

You can always start your own dog fashion line down the road.

I am an Aquarius and creative. I have the talent to do it. I am not going anywhere, music-wise, and I can always do it later.
Amy Sciarretto
Photos On Maxim:

Aubrey O'Day, Singer, American singer

Aubrey O'Day, Singer, American singer

Aubrey O'Day, Singer, American singer

Aubrey O'Day, Singer, American singer

Aubrey O'Day, Singer, American singer

Aubrey O'Day, Singer, American singer

Aubrey O'Day, Singer, American singer

Aubrey O'Day, Singer, American singer

Aubrey O'Day, Singer, American singer

Aubrey O'Day, Singer, American singer
In her latest Maxim spread, Aubrey O'Day clearly expects readers to drop their jaw in amazement over how sexy and alluring she is.

She should be excited to know, therefore, that our mouth is indeed open... but it's because we're yawning, not fawning.

O'Day's water-filled pictorial might have been sexier if we hadn't already seen her oiled-up and half-naked on Twitter.

But there's nothing new to get excited about in Maxim. If the singer truly wants to be shocking, she'd pose with many layers of clothing on. That would earn her more headlines at this point.
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