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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dawn Olivieri basic Facts

Name: Dawn Olivieri
Hometown: Seminole Fl
Sign: Hollywood sign
High School: yep
College: Had an academic scholarship
First Role: Playing a “dog” during every pretend game in preschool. I was invested booooy.. Even pretended to have a food and water bowl, I like to call it character development at a very young age;)
Current Role: “LYDIA” the tattoo girl on the new season 4 of Heroes
Hair color: ”Honey”…I tried to tell that to the lady at the dmv when I went in to renew my license. She looked up at me, laughed a little to herself and then proceeded to write “blonde”… I guess “honey” is a little too artistic for the dmv.. haha
Favorite Three TV Shows: It is hard to just pick 3 so I won’t do it to myself (I’ve never been one to follow directions anyways) Heroes OF course, Dollhouse (I would love to be a doll and kick some serious ass) ,Trueblood (I’m already a vampire), and Californication.. because… i … like … Â to Californicate …
Favorite Three Movies: Tank Girl (just recently came upon this one compliments of my acting teacher. Said I reminded him of that movie and was he right!! I love it)Â The Last Unicorn. Rented 134 times by yours truly between the ages of 5-8. Â Shakespeare in Love. I love Shakespeare and love… well … LOVE
Favorite Music/What’s on your IPod?: Beck “Go it Alone” (is playing right now in the other room actually), Shakira “She Wolf”, Ben Harper “Steal my Kisses”, Bob Seeger “Fire Down Below”
Favorite Book(s): Physiology
Favorite Food: Chicken pot pie
Favorite Car: Blk 69’ Chevy camero convertible
Favorite Charity: Bums with business sense at my window during a red light.
Favorite Word:“Why” or maybe “Brobdingnagian”
Favorite Designer: GOD … whoa that is deep
Will Kick Your Butt In: Just about everything
Unique Talent: I know how to play a bassoon
Guilty Pleasure: (I don’t think it’s something Girl2Watch would be allowed to print) ;)
Favorite Vice: Lol … I love how this is worded..”FAVORITE vice”…bad boyzz I guess
Tattoo (yes, no, what of?): All over my body (wink)
Favorite Day Outfit: Boyfriend jeans, motorcycle boots, tank, and some pink suspenders.
Favorite Night Outfit: Same thing lol
Favorite Vacation Place: Maldives … haven’t been yet so not sure how that can be my fav place but maybe it’s the anticipation of…
Favorite Male Feature: Who cares about the outside … confidence is what catches my eye.
Favorite Male Product: Â Body spray. My girlfriends and I use to buy and spray it into the air and say “Its like having a really quiet boyfriend!”
Favorite Gift From A Guy To Her – Is this coming from a guy I like or one that’s stalking me? Two VERY different kinds of gifts..
One Word Answers:
Your first crush – disappointing
Your first kiss – trailer park (it LOOKS like two words but out in the country it’s only one)
Your first love – applejuice (refer to above explanation)
Three Word Answers: when was the last time you:
Cried- yesterday (for a scene)
Laughed- on-set riding one of the carnival rides!! (That’s 8 words -5 words = 3 words)
Rejoiced- during my beach volleyball addiction.

Dawn Olivieri , Hollywood Actress, Actress,

Dawn Olivieri , Hollywood Actress, Actress,

Dawn Olivieri , Hollywood Actress, Actress,
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