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Monday, February 13, 2012

Did Whitney Houston's Death Relate to Drug Addiction?

Whitney Houston,  Whitney Houston's Death,Relate to Drug Addiction
Many people from all over the world was deeply saddened after hearing the new that the talented singer Whitney Houston died. Many of them consider Houston as the greatest singer in the world and want to pay their tribute to the lost of a musical talent.

Whitney Houston's cause of death is still a mystery, but it has been spotted that prescription drugs were discovered in the room where the singer was found dead in the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel. Multiple sources said that Houston’s family admitted the singer had been taking the drug Xanax.

This kind of drug is often used to treat anxiety and other pain disorders. Xanax binds to receptors in the brain so that it can slow down chemicals that may have become unbalanced. The drug can relieve tension and reduce symptoms resulted from different anxiety disorders

Xanax is a prescription drug. Therefore, Houston had them legally by a physician or she obtained it illegally. It is terrible if some physicians gave the singer Xanax because it means they didn’t really understand that the mix of Xanax and alcohol creates an extremely vulnerable to the side effects.

It has been notorious that Whitney Houston had a history of substance abuse. The singer admitted that she was once addicted to cocaine. Houston was seen drinking very late into the night prior to her death.

Whitney Houston received many Grammys including album and record of the year, selling millions of albums and singles worldwide. Houston also carried er success into the film industry, starrign in hit film “The Bodyguard”

However, Whitney Houston’s career began to separate because she battled with drug addiction and spent various periods of time in rehab. The singer’s powerful voice began to suffer prompting record sales to nosedive. Whitney Houston’s drug addiction also was the reason for her split to her husband of 15 years Bobby Brown.

According to Police, said there were no "obvious signs" of any criminal intent in relation to Houston's death.
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