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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Megan Fox With Brian Austin Green in Hawaiian vacation - June 24, 2012

About Hawaii:
Bestowed with stunning beaches, dramatic mountains, pristine rainforests and a rich cultural heritage, Hawaii exceeds expectations as a tropical paradise.The island group of Hawaii lies 3,860km (2,400 miles) off mainland USA, comprised of 132 islands and atolls. The state of Hawaii consists of eight islands, of which seven are inhabited and six allow visitors. Honolulu, the capital, sits on the southern shores of Oahu, the most commercialised island, but Hawaii is the largest island. Oahu has two diagonal mountain ranges and many beautiful waterfalls. The islands support rainforest, green flatlands and 13 climatic regions.The tropical paradise of Hawaii is separated from mainland USA by around 3,700km (2,300 miles) of Pacific Ocean. It has an ethnically diverse population and a rich Polynesian heritage. When Captain James Cook landed here in the 18th century, Oahu had been untouched by the west. It achieved prominence when the volume of Honolulu's commercial traffic increased and the US Navy acquired rights to Pearl Harbor. December 7, 1941 marked the entry of the USA into WWII, when Japan bombed Pearl Harbour.
Shopping and nightlife

Shopping hours:
Mon-Sat 0900-2100. Some shops may open Sun 0830-1800.

Nightlife in Hawaii

Bars and nightclubs abound, especially on Oahu and Maui. Top international stars are booked, whilst luau shows (traditional Hawaiian banquets followed by live performances of music and dancing) are in themselves a great attraction. Jazz, big band music, tea dances and hula groups are all available.
Doing business & staying in touch:

Businesspeople are generally expected to dress smartly. Western business courtesies should be observed, although Americans tend to be less formal than Europeans. Appointments and punctuality are expected procedure and business cards are widely used. Dates in America are written month-day-year.

Office hours:
Mon-Fri 0830-1730.

For emergency police, fire or medical services in major cities, dial 911. The following codes denote toll free (freephone) numbers: 800, 855, 866, 877 and 888.

Mobile phone:
Foreign mobile telephones only work if they are tri-band or quad-band; charges are high. Visitors can also hire a mobile telephone. Pre-pay cell phones can be purchased from a variety of retail outlets, including drug stores.

There are Internet cafés in most urban areas, and an increasing number of Wi-Fi hotspots. Many coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi. Many of the international airports offer Internet access too.

Freedom of expression in the US is guaranteed by the constitution. The USA has the most highly developed mass media in the world. Public broadcasting is partly government-funded, but also supported by private grants.

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